Asia art and culture

The great Himalayan range has done for millennia a cultural watershed divide between the basins mongolian-chinese at north and indian at south.
In the north two great peoples with different lifestyles: one nomad who raided and terrorized entire regions; another, sedentary vigorous and laborious who devoted himself to the deepening of the being and care of aesthetics. The patient care of mulberry tree and silkworm produced that precious silk thread that together with the birth of the paper and porcelain made famous the China.
In the south, India with its exuberant cultural variety is a continent apart. The silk becomes "brocade" and the art of metalworking has large space in the representation of the indian gods pantheon, as well as the rich collection of ornaments.
Also Himalayan regions are a valuable showcase of applied art originated by the fusion of the cultures, buddhist and hinduist.

Main contents
Clothing and decorated fabrics, ornaments of various shapes, ritual musical instruments, porcelains, bronze sculptures, ritual objects, lacquers, thankas, pipes of various shapes and other finds yet.