Africa art and culture

Bantu civilization was the pillar that held the culture of almost all of Africa.
Life was marked by ancestor worship, interaction with nature and the centrality of birth, from which derived the strong sense of belonging to creation of every African.
The Bantu believed important active participation in the life of the cosmos and for this they used a series of symbols representing the most important elements of nature.
During the migrations in the african continent the Bantu spread their symbols expressed in the different regions with various styles, through dances, musics, masks and sculpture.
In the African conception symbols are not elements to interpret, since they "speak" and must be "heard". The sculptures were not considered art works, their strength vibrant and full of human warmth, was necessary tools to the armony and balance cosmic of "Mama Africa".

Main content
Ornamental and ritual masks, wooden sculptures, bronze sculptures of various shapes, ornaments of various shapes, fabrics decorated with raffia and cotton, musical instruments, shields, beads and leather handmade, and other findings yet. Color photographs. Explanatory panels.