Peoples and art from the world

A great event with a vibrant aesthetic and culture. Through a multitude of old ethnic art objects you wander the streets of the world to discover the creative essence of humanity, a need felt by nomadic peoples since ancient times already before they became sedentary.
Nomads and sedentary over time developed their own cultures locally, relying on rites and the benevolence of the gods, the stars and the ancestors. Daily life was marked and regulated through musical rhythms, dances and artistic expressions on figurative elements occasional or recurring used, what we call "applied art". The exhibition aims to be a tool to not forget the heritage of that Man, through which humanity passed before it became high tech era
The event is divided by geographic area and affects Asia, Africa, the Islamic countries and partly South America.

Main contents
Ornaments of various shapes, ceramics, miniatures, clothing and fabrics in silk cotton and raffia, ritual musical instruments, porcelain, bronze sculptures of various shapes, ritual objects, shields, beads and leather handmade, chisel work, lacquers, thanka, pipes of various shapes, ritual masks and ornamental carvings, shields and other finds yet.
Color photographs. Explanatory panels.