They are intercultural events on applied art and culture of ethnic minorities and people from around the world.
For their topic of great current, linearity exhibition and educational component are aimed at a diverse audience and particularly to the student audience.
They Develop through a objects section and a photographic, all complemented by descriptive panels.
The objects section consists of repert of applied art from significant aesthetic and cultural characteristics of the populations represented in each exhibition . All exhibits are described individually by country, ethnic origin and type. Some of the most significant reperts are accompanied by a short descriptive note. The exhibits are placed both in shop windows and on panels.
The photographic section consists of color prints characterizing traditions, lifestyles and portraits of various ethnicities. All photographs have captions. They measure 30 x 45 cm and have frame cardboard and are placed on panels.
Both sections are supplemented by panels that describe some cultural peculiarities of many populations represented in each exhibition.
The "Peoples and art from the world" exhibition(see Board) for its extension is a great event, the exhibitions, Africa, Asia, Islam, ornaments "(see Tabs) are also suitable in the context of important events .

Author and Curator of the exhibition is Giuseppe Di Mauro.
His experiences sports, including sailing and mountaineering practiced in various geographic areas have led to increasing interest for nature, and the knowledge of cultures from different countries and regions
Has produced a photographic archive from diverse content, both slides and digital, from which he made dozens of reports in the slide show.
He has worked with a photojournalistic agency and lent his experiences to Associations and Schools.
Has created a collection of artifacts of ethnic art with which produced the ethnographic displays

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